Frequently asked questions


Have a question about your order? Missing an item? Want to cancel or change?

Let’s find a solution together! Your Advisor is always here for you! Contact them directly with any questions you may have about a current or future order.

Why must I shop through an Advisor?
Because our Advisors are fantastic! While we love innovation, we believe the internet should not replace personal connections. Our beloved Advisors bring a personalized shopping experience, expert advice, and add a fun-filled social component to shopping. Put the fun back in cleaning!

As you’ll see, there is a method to cleaning with only water and natural products, which requires some demonstration. One day, you may lose the instructions to your favorite Chiffonnette. The next day, you may forget all the amazing ways your Cleaning Clay can help you eliminate other household cleaners. On those days, you should reach out to your Advisor! Text, email, or call. No question is too silly. That’s the beauty of shopping with H2O at Home, you are never alone.


What are the authorized payment methods?
We keep it simple: the payment methods are credit card or gift certificate. You can try to give us your old Monopoly money or chocolate ‘gold’ coins, but we’re pretty smart and will not accept 😉… although, hold on… did someone say chocolate?

Is your site secure?
We take security very seriously and ensure a 100% secure purchase. Moreover, look up there, (clearing our throat) up there… in the address bar of your internet browser. You will find the acronym “HTTPS”, which proves that your navigation on our site is secure.

Our secure online payment platform, Propay offers the latest encryption technology and data security to allow you to make your purchases with peace of mind. The payment system is PCI compliant. We do not store your information in our system. Only a token is stored.

In short, everything is secure so that you can rest assured!


What are my delivery options?
Our most popular, affordable, and eco-conscious option is our Eco-Delivery. You pay just $4.95 ($9.95 for Alaska and Hawaii) to ship your products bundled with other party orders and help to offset the carbon footprint associated with shipping your products. It only takes three people shipping together to access Eco-Delivery. You, plus two! Shop with pals and have it delivered to the Host, the office, or wherever you meet together. Save money, and the planet. A small but powerful decision.

*You also have the option of shipping directly to your home, in which case, you do not pay the Eco-Fee and the shipping is more expensive. Shipping charges for direct delivery are $7.95 per order ($14.95 for Alaska and Hawaii).


I received the wrong product.
I received a damaged or defective product.
This is when your Advisor swoops in like a super hero.
Contact them right away and they can tell you how we can get you a brand-new product in perfect condition!

I have not received my package yet.
Your delivery driver must have been jealous of your amazing order and surely kept everything to themselves. Contact your Advisor right away and report a code “JDD” (Jealous Delivery Driver). 😉 They will be able to help you check in with the delivery status.

I don’t really remember how to use my product.
Can you imagine what you would do without your Advisor?! Give them a phone call, a text, or send an email. They will be happy to give you a refresh and advice on how to use your product… After all, that’s what they are there for!

My Foamer does not foam anymore.
Let’s try to remedy first! Thoroughly clean the pump by completely immersing it into hot water. Sometimes that’s enough to get rid of a little inconvenient soap residue. If that does not solve the problem, we will find a solution together! Put up the bat signal! Your Advisor is only a text/call/email away!

My Easy Spray Mop is not spraying water.
First, try unclogging the nozzle with a small needle. Sometimes it can be obstructed by dust or buildup. If that doesn’t work, your Advisor will be happy to break out their mad skills and set things right!

My Liquid Dish Soap / Liquid Laundry Soap is discolored.
Rest assured, most of the time it’s perfectly normal. When our natural ingredients are exposed to colder/hotter than normal temperatures, the appearance of the product may become cloudy. This does not alter the effectiveness of the product, and it will return to its normal color once it adjusts to room temperature. Do not hesitate to contact your Advisor, who can take a look and put your mind at ease!


Where are your products made? 
We take great pride in reporting that more than 85% of our textiles are produced in Europe, at our very own manufacturing facility! The remaining 15% comes from Asia, the birthplace of the microfiber and where some of the finest microfibers are woven. All our consumable Home Care products are manufactured in France or Belgium. All of our cosmetics, soaps, and liquids are made in France.

Do your products have an expiration date? 
For disinfectants, the expiration date is indicated on the packaging (with the batch number). Otherwise, the efficacy may weaken after approximately 1 year from the open date. Other soap products have no expiration date; though the color of the product or the natural fragrance may change over time, it does not damage the product. For the natural formula cosmetics, there is either a shelf-life on the packaging, or a mention of 3M or 6M, which indicates the optimal life of the product after opening.


And the nanoparticles you’re hearing about?  
We are happy to talk about it if you want, but we will not have much to say. There are none in our products 😉

I need the safety precautions to one of your products.
No problem! Send your request to We will be happy to send you what you need.


Do your products contain gluten?
Some do. Any product that has the possibility of containing trace amounts of gluten has a wheat symbol on the bottle. The following products contain gluten and wheat-derived ingredients:

Eye Contour
Hydrating Serum
Balancing Serum
Vitamin Serum
Hair & Body Cleansing Gel (Barley Sugar and Almond Flower)
Hand & Nail Care

Are your products tested on animals?
Never. We love kitties, puppies, bunnies, and field mice far too much. Moreover, the labels Ecocert and Cosmebio guarantee that we never carry out testing on animals. The tests are done either “in vitro” on cultures of cells or bacteria, or on a panel of voluntary consumers.

I have sensitive skin. Can I use your products? 
Our cosmetics are designed for all skin types and our ingredients are chosen with care, making our products gentle and safe. That said, do not forget the # 1 rule for the club of fragile and sensitive skin: be sure to test the product on a small area of your skin before spreading generously everywhere.

I am pregnant, can I use your home care products? 
Yes, of course, you can. Our formulas are concentrated, but the percentage of essential oil contained in the soaps is quite low. So, if you use the product under normal conditions, there is no risk! For example, when doing the dishes, the formula is diluted and rinsed, so the emission of volatile organic compounds in the air is very low. Additionally, there is no risk of penetration of the skin barrier because there is no prolonged contact with the skin (unlike a cosmetic). The only exception is if you were to spend hours and hours every day doing the dishes… but who can dedicate that much time a day? BUT… if it’s your excuse to ask someone else to do the washing and cleaning for you while you’re carrying baby – we won’t tell.

I’m pregnant. Can I use your cosmetics? 
Yes, but not all of them. You’ll need to tuck some of our products away for the duration of your pregnancy:

  • Synergies
  • Exfoliating Peel
  • Balancing Serum
  • Roll-on Netepur
  • Skin Balm
  • Bump Balm

All other products are allowed! In fact, we strongly recommending using the Anti-Aging Body Serum to help avoid stretch marks and itchy skin.

What laundry product do I choose for my cloth diapers?
Both of our laundry solutions are compatible with your cloth diapers. Our Purifying Laundry Powder is unstoppable when it comes to sanitizing! But our Liquid Laundry Soap deserves a little limelight too. Coupled with our Laundry Ball, you only need to use 10 mL of soap per washing cycle. That’s just two teaspoons! This makes for quite a savings in laundry soap, which is especially helpful knowing that babies use an average of six diapers a day and somehow create more laundry than a football team combined!


Why should I join H2O at Home instead of another company?
Because we are totally freakin’ amazing.
Because we are not rookies. (We’ve been entertaining our customers and Advisors since 1998!)
Because our products are revolutionary. Enough said.
Because we take great care to train our Advisors, to build a supportive community, and to be there for you every step of the way.
Because we are more than a company. We are a family.
Because we are truly and wholly committed to doing our part to protect our planet.
Because representing a product you can be proud of just makes sense!

Is being an Advisor a real job?
Yes of course. You are paid for the work you do (even if you don’t necessarily feel like it’s work!) and you make your tax return like any good, self-respecting employee. In short, you have a real job.
The big difference is that you decide your schedule and how much effort you want to put into your business. Will it be a simple income supplement to help alleviate some monthly bills or finance your personal projects? Will you make it a full-time gig with an attractive and fulfilling income and future? In any case, one thing is certain, our Advisors are in the best position to talk to you about it. Listen to their fabulous testimonials here.

I want to become an Advisor. Where do I start?
Great news! You are a mere two clicks away from the beginning of a beautiful adventure. Go to the ‘Contact Us’ page on our website, fill in your information and we’ll contact you directly and give you all the information you need to get started.

How much does it cost to become an Advisor?
The process is like a well-oiled machine. You start with purchasing a Business Kit for $119. Through this kit, you will get to know some of our essential products and receive the Business Tools you need to help get you started. To complete your kit for free, we have implemented a program where you can earn more products by reaching some basic sales goals. It’s a way to fast start your business and begin expanding as far as you want!

Do I have to have a special diploma to become an Advisor? 
A doctorate is the diploma of unicorns. In all seriousness, a good mood and motivation is more than enough. What matters most is that you are motivated to build a business that works for you.

Do I need a car to have this business?
To demonstrate all the amazing products at a party, we strongly advise you to have a car and Driver’s License. Now, if you have a bike, we’re not going to stop you from using that instead. Not only is it eco-friendly (and we love that!) but you’ll also have a strong body and mind (we love that too but it’s not so easy for some of us!).

Will I receive training? 
Our training program helps you crescendo without missing a beat. With just the right number of worksheets and videos to help you, it’s a breeze! Throughout your adventure, we are always here to help and train you – you are never alone. As you progress, we offer more advanced training opportunities, informative conferences, and all kinds of training materials and programs. Plus, you have your fellow Advisors and your Leader to provide loving care and support. As we like to say, “Alone we go faster, but together we go further”.

Do I have to buy all the products in the catalog to do my parties? 
Slowly but surely you will amass all the products you’ll need to do a great party! We have everything planned to make your life easier.
1. You start with a Business Kit for $119. Inside, there are all of the essential products and documents to get you started.

2. We will continue to equip you with product through our Fast Start Program, allowing you to expand your kit for free.

3. And do not forget, you are part of a supportive community. Your team and your Leader will always be happy to lend you products you may need!

Do I have to keep product in stock at home to fulfill customer orders? 
No. Who has enough room in their garage?!

You do not need to order products to deliver yourself or carry an inventory. Products that are ordered at parties are fulfilled and shipped directly from our warehouse to your Host or your customers, should they select direct delivery.


What is an H2O at Home Party? 
In a time when we are bombarded with digital marketing campaigns, we prefer to bet on personal connection, demonstration, and word of mouth! There’s no better way to do that than with a home party. Picture a gathering of friends in the living room, with an entertaining Advisor ready change your mind about small miracle household products. But fear not! We know you have a busy life, so we keep our parties short and sweet!

I want to host my own party, but how? 
You’re ready to connect with one of our Advisors! It’s a simple process, click here to find an Advisor close to you then let them guide you.

I want to buy your products at a party, but how?
You’re ready to connect with one of our Advisors! It’s a simple process, click here to find an Advisor close to you then let them guide you.

What are the advantages of hosting a party? 
To be a Host is in your favor! In addition to being pampered, you will also receive:

  1. Free and discounted product
  2. Free shipping on a $500+ party
  3. A ½ price bonus item for each future booking
  4. The honor of introducing your friends to a safer way of cleaning


Is it incredible to work at H2O at Home?
It’s the bee’s knees. Don’t believe us? Find out for yourself here. We take care of nature and one another.
It is especially fulfilling to do our part to change the world.


I have a blog and I would like to test and review your products. Can we collaborate?  
Thank you! We are delighted that you want to test our products! Please send us your blog or Instagram account link, your complete contact information, and the wish list of products you would like to discover to:

How do I contact Customer Service? 
You choose how:

  • Send us a pigeon courier to: 2009 Renaissance Blvd. Suite 100 King of Prussia, PA 19406
  • Shoot an email or place a call to our amazing customer care team at or (877) 642-8180