Good ideas, and stars that align just right

Our story is one we wish for anyone.
Guillaume Leymonerie had just enough savings to replace the windows of his family farm. Instead, he embarks on a strange adventure with a simple idea: microfibers that allow you to clean with just water. In 1998, he founded the fabulous H2O at Home and opened the company in his farmhouse.
Nils Riancho joins the company and develops his first ultrasonic cutting machine. It is because of this invention that our microfibers feature revolutionary edges that keep out bacteria.
company dedicated to cleaning with water in the commercial setting, getting our microfibers in hospitals and other commercial settings
Together H2O at Home and Decitex form the parent company 3E Concept

In 2004, H₂O at Home expands to Belgium!

In 2009, H2O at Home moved to the United States!

H2O at Home moved to the United States
“Ultimate”: the power of bio-cleaning

Decitex is developing in Europe, Australia, the Middle East … and off to conquer China!

They tell it better themselves!

And now what are we going to do?