Our manifesto

Choose the essentials: what makes things better, what is healthy, natural, and beautiful.

Engage in what is innovative, well-designed, and sustainable.

Work toward mastering your time, and use it for the things that really matter to you.

Rediscover simple gestures and the true value of things, tirelessly, patiently, passionately.

Decide to live in a healthy home and take care of yourself and your family without compromise nor artifice: natural and simple products.

Adopt positive and innovative attitudes,and contribute, slowly but surely, to making the world a better place.

Consume conscientiously, taking inspiration from what nature offers us: water, clay, essential oils, plants.

Grow, nurture, share, impart, and do your share of the beautiful and the good – for yourself, for your loved ones, for all.

Resolutely say “Yes” to the current that brings us to protect nature, water, air, humankind.

Enjoy life, fully.

Engage in a virtuous movement and invent tomorrow, together.

Welcome to H2O at Home.