Quick Care Guide - Laundry

Simplify your laundry routine and reduce your impact on the environment! Explore facts about just how easy it can be, how to use our laundry products, and even see them in action with our helpful video tutorials.

Let’s Talk About Stains

Let’s Take a Closer Look at Netepur

Basic Usage: Use on stains, Chiffonnettes, or as a pretreatment. Simply wet the fabric well and scrub the stain with the soap (and conviction). Rinse the item thoroughly or put in the washing machine to wash with your laundry. When washing a Chiffonnette, place in a Laundry Net before putting it into the machine. Let the Netepur dry before storing it.

Let’s Take a Closer Look at Oxypur

Basic Usage: Extremely versatile, it can be used in the washing machine, as a soak, or as a spray!

MACHINE WASH: To be used with H2O at Home Liquid Laundry Soap and Laundry Ball. For a 9 to 11 lb. (or large) load, place directly in the drum ½ dose (15 g) to 1 dose (30 g) depending on the degree of soiling. Use on cotton, polyester-cotton, and microfiber.

Do not use on wool, leather, or silk.

SOAK: Use 1 dose (30 g) with 4 cups of hot water. Use on textile fabrics, real stainless steel, enameled sinks, faucets, and kettles.

SPRAY: Dilute ½ dose (15 g) in a 16.9 fl. oz. sprayer filled ⅔ of the way with hot water. Monitor the foam before closing the bottle. Spray on the surface to be treated, leave to work, and then rinse the surface using a damp cloth or All Purpose Glove. Use on rugs, carpets, and upholstery, or car seats.

Let’s Talk About Everyday Laundry

Use our Liquid Laundry Soap or Purifying Laundry Powder with the helping hand of our Laundry Ball to reduce your consumption of detergent by ⅔!

Let’s See Them in Action

Laundry Ball

Washboards are back with a fiendishly less tiring alternative to our ancestors’ method (luckily).
The Laundry Ball works through old-fashioned mechanical action to enhance the power of your washing machine combined with our detergent. All of this for a soft and fluffy laundry suitable for even the most sensitive skin. Simply place the ball in a Laundry Net, at the center of the laundry, and let the magic happen.

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