Quick Care Guide - Microfibers

Our microfibers last a very long time and have a low impact on the environment. Get to know your new favorite cleaning product, and explore facts about these powerful cloths, how to use and care for them, and even see them in action with our helpful video tutorials.

Let’s Take a Closer Look

Let’s Talk About Bacteria

Did you know it’s possible to remove bacteria without cleansers?
Instead of killing bacteria with toxic chemicals, trap it with powerful microfibers! Our incredible Chiffonnettes have the power to substantially reduce the amount of bacteria on surfaces. Let’s take a look at just how effective they can be.

Basic Usage and Care

Let’s See Them in Action

Car Kit

Cleaning and polishing your ride is not just for car enthusiasts. Whether it’s your car, motorcycle, campervan, trailer, or bike, your vehicle has the right to be the star of the road. Plus, our Car Kit helps keep harsh chemicals from entering our waterways.

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